Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Weigh in...Tuesday?

I know that weigh in Wednesday is a thing but I don't feel like waiting until tomorrow to post this because I feel like I need to just get it off my chest and get it out there. I weighed myself this morning right after getting up and I was 178.7 pounds. That's only about 5 pounds less than my highest weight ever of 183 pounds. I am kind of disgusted with myself that I let myself backslide this much. My lowest weight ever since I've been an adult was 155 pounds but that was at the ends of a week long bout of the flu so that doesn't really count. So will just say 159 pounds was my lowest weight. Before the wedding I was hovering between 168 and 171.
To only see 5 pounds lost on my slider scale on my fitness pal kind of makes me want to cry. 
So today we kick the food intake reform into high gear. 
Devin is probably going away for a week for work so that is going to help because I can get myself revamped and then that will help me to revamp him without him complaining quite as much as he normally would. 
My plan is to follow the container system from the 21 day fix as best I can while staying in the 1500 cal range. 
At my current weight I think I would be a container system up from where I usually am but I'm not really comfortable doing that because when I was using the lower container range I would put in my food into my fitness pal and I would usually end up in the 1500 range already. 
So I will just stick with that and add maybe an extra fruit or an extra vegetable container. 
So that means that my eating plan for a single day will be: 
Four servings of protein
Four servings of vegetables
Two servings of fruit
Two servings of healthy carbohydrates
One serving of healthy fats
One serving of seeds, nuts or dressings and
2 'teaspoons' which will be probably the oil that I use for cooking or something like that. 
So all that said this is kind of a sample day that I have just come up with because I am currently bored at work. 

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