Saturday, March 12, 2016

Tracking and Goals

Just wanted to share how I'm tracking my progress in the real world 💁🏼 Doing everything on my smartphone is handy, but I like having something physical too! I made a couple tracking pages in my bulletjournal and I'm loving getting to colour in the boxes as I get closer to completing my goal! 

For the weight tracker my goal isn't necessarily 140lbs, I just went till I ran out of boxes, and I'm relatively confident that with my build and height, 140 is my lowest weight that I could be without looking sick. My actual goal right now is between 145 and 155. I won't really know until I get there! 
As I lose, I wait till I'm below a weight for 3 consecutive weigh-ins before colouring that box. So for example, Saturday morning I weighed in at 171.1lbs (:D). However I won't colour in the boxes until I'm there for 2 more weigh-ins. If I climb on the scale tomorrow and it says 172.8, then that will be my third below 173 and I will colour in that box, but I won't get to colour any more. That way I don't colour one in and backtrack a couple days later. 

For Turbofire, I colour them in when I do them. Or sometimes I end up colouring a few days at a time if I forget to do it on the day. But when my schedule is done, I will go back and re-do any that I missed! As you can see, I have a lot left! 
I'm repeating weeks 1-4 at the end, because weeks 1-3 I really wasn't being consistent, and then I just kept writing to the end of the page! Though now I wish I had left those boxes blank for my missed workouts! Hopefully I don't end up with too many! 

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